Language Ventures

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a writer. I ended up going to school for journalism, but my freshman year I took a linguistics course, and I was hooked. I wrote several semester-long stories on the relationship between language and culture, and by the end of my college career, I was beginning to think maybe I had pursued the wrong major. But my interests stretch all over the place, and I don’t regret my degree at all. But I am keen on going back to school to get a degree in sociolinguistics.

There are many steps to get there from where I’m at now. Namely, I need to learn another language, and I want to take some time to travel. Teaching English abroad is a way to do both. I’ve been volunteering to tutor for nearly two years now, and my experience with that has prompted me to try to chronicle my path through discovering the mystery and magic of language.

Please share in my journey and visit my blog devoted to it: Language Ventures.