Cobblestone Art & Design

I grew up making things, whether it was a new picture book complete with text and drawings, cards for every occasion, books for family members and friends, scrapbook pages, paintings, drawings, window clings, or sand art. My other love is writing, but with so many writing assignments throughout my college career, and dealing with manuscripts at work, I wanted to get back to creating things, and maybe even selling a few of my handcrafted wares. Working more and more with computers and graphic design, I have also begun expanding my creativity to computer generated art (still using a lot of my own hand-drawn designs). Being only one person and trying to keep up with making things is tough, and the computer is a simple way of doing it, and I hope that my work will eventually help me find a creative-intensive job in the publications world.

Cobblestone Art & Design has been a dream of mine for awhile. I finally created a website devoted to my art and design work. Eventually I’ll try to sell my goods and will update my gallery soon I hope. For now, you can read my latest post for The Lamp Post, my art blog.


Please share your thoughts!

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