where have all the blog posts gone?

Almost a year later… and I’m back!

It doesn’t feel like I’ve been planning my return post for almost a year. It’s not for lack of interest, or lack of a topic, but rather for a lack of time. I’ve been quite busy since last July, when I was preparing to leave my home of five years to head back closer to my family in an attempt to find a fancy apartment and well-paying job. Come September, I was hired at a bookstore and in October I took on a second job. While working 60+ hours a week, moving, growing accustom to new places, new people, and new work, and continuing to do freelance work, keeping up with my blog was basically at the very bottom on my list of priorities.

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to blog at least once a month. Here AND on my art and design website. That… did not happen. But, there’s no point in forcing things, and it’s not like I have an audience waiting for a new post that I had promised. But do expect to see more of me soon. I have a list of topics growing in my head, and some new stories to tell, or at least attempt to tell. For now, I just wanted to let ya’ll know that I’m still alive and in good health.

Also, if my opinions, reviews, and salt obsession doesn’t interest you, check out my art and design blog! I’m working on creating some fancy pieces of art to sell on the main site soon (another resolution: be able to sell things by the end of the year–this one will happen). Peace!


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