Wood Grass

Wood Grass

Most of my work has an organic feel and look to it. While I’ve dappled in drawing and paint, recently I’ve found significance in my doodles that litter my notebooks and random scrap papers. I go in stages of drawing rigid shapes to flowing lines. Lately my doodles turn into flowers and vines and trees with abstract appendages. I guess even digitally my mind wanders to earthen familiarity. Above is yet another abstract creation of mine as I experiment with digital art. The dark shape in the center is made of a mirrored image. It looked like a log to me, and as I tried several ways to create a wooded scene around it, I kept coming back to just that one simple shape. But it needed more, so I added a bit of the grass-like thing in the foreground, and then because the whole picture still felt empty, I added an enlarged shadow replica to the background to fill the white space. I like symmetry and balance in my work, and as that’s a regular occurrance in nature, I thought it fitting.

This image is titled “Wood Grass.”


3 thoughts on “Wood Grass

  1. I like that. I honestly tried hard to not get taken by it…but it was too late lol. I am especially drawn to the bottom left corner. It resembles people to me 🙂 I love abstract art work because everyone sees something different but yet can still be equally inspired! ❤


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