Dream Journey: the first step

Dreams have always fascinated me. They are a glimpse into the subconscious and the imagination. They are emotions playing out in fantastical realms and shapeshifting environments. No matter what ridiculous plot dreams have, they feel so real and charged and yet we wake with just vague memories or spend the day dealing with unshakable emotions.

I tend to have extremely vivid and detailed dreams. I’m not sure if that’s because I also tend to have an overactive imagination, or if it’s because I’m a really heavy sleeper and a pro at falling into a deep sleep within minutes. I’ve kept a dream journal for several years now, but I don’t keep as regular a record as I should. Now, I’ve begun keeping better track of my dreams, as that’s an important first step in one of the strangest (and most thrilling) goals in my life: to become a regular lucid dreamer.

The first time I was lucid in a dream, my house and family were being attacked, and as I watched someone being beaten with a club I realized I was in a dream, and I thought to myself, “If I get caught, will it actually hurt to be hit?” It was a terrifying notion that felt unbelievably real, but luckily I snapped back into my unaware dreaming self and escaped a beating. Since then, I’ve wished to become lucid again many times, and most anyone who knows me knows how much I like to talk about dreaming, and how much I want to master dream control.

So, here’s the beginning of my dream journey, the first step to master lucidity: putting together a plan (and forcing myself to be accountable in a public space). Throughout my endeavors, I will share my progress, my experiments, my trials and successes–and maybe even some of my less twisted dreams. Wish me luck!

1. Record dreams daily

2. Start doing reality checks

3. Study dream patterns and learn to recognize dreamscapes

4. Try WBTB (Wake Back to Bed) technique

5. Try MILD (Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreaming) technique

6.  Try WILD (Wake Initiated Lucid Dream) technique

7. Try new things in dreams and work on prolonging lucidity


2 thoughts on “Dream Journey: the first step

  1. I have a dream journal of sorts; recently started it. Sometimes i only remember specific things while the rest seems blurry or i cant remember how i got from one place to the other. I often write as soon as i wake up so as the information is fresh in my head. But i agree with you, dreams are very very interesting.


    • I get the same thing many mornings, where some things are super clear and others not at all. I had to get past the perfectionist in me and force myself to write whatever I remember, even if it’s that I don’t remember. Who knows. Maybe our mind picks and chooses what to recall for a reason.


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